For over 10 years, UBE Analytical Laboratories, a division of USA-UBE Inc., has been an analytical excellence in supporting Research & Development (R&D) System of USA-UBE Inc. since 1995, and has greatly contributed to the company's success in the breakthrough of new technology,  discovery of novel bio-medicines and the acquisition of a number of US patents and patent pendings.


As a certified ISO-17025:2017 laboratory, we offer a variety of laboratory testing services outside the R&D System in the health foods, agriculture, cosmetics, pharmeceuticals, and biotechnology industries. The services include, but are not limited to: chemical, molecular biology and microbiology analyses. We utilize official regulatory and widely accepted methods including those published by FDA, USP, USDA, AOAC, AOCS, Refereed Journals, or other professional scientific organizations to assure quality data.


Our priority with UBE Analytical Laboratories is quality data. QA/QC is a fundamental principle of our quality management to ensure that lab report is accurate, consistent, and reliable. We conduct validation, calibration and statistic studies, analysis of procedural blank, duplicate, spiked and blind samples, and duplicate positive/negative internal control tests to ensure high quality results. Quality management program also includes documentation of all analytical procedure for GLP compliance and maintenance of a detailed tracking system for sample receiving and disposal and data reporting. 


With our team of skilled and accomplished scientists, technicians, and QA/QC personnel are dedicated to work with you to provide the highest quality and the most reliable information and the most excellent customer service possible. 


We appreciate your business and we appreciate your great support!



Many thanks,

from the UBE team.